At our place we are hosting mares of all breeding areas but mainly from OL and OS. They are kept in generous, light individual boxes, some of them with a window.
We can offer keeping mares in groups as well, for foaling we keep the mares in special huge boxes equipped with video Surveillance.

During the winter period we provide several spacious paddocks for the herds. In summer they live on pastures next to our house, so they can be monitored all the time.

We can show your foals in regional shows for the several breeding associations, but we also offer you the opportunity to have them branded at home (OS, OL and Hannover).


Usually we inseminate the mares on our farm. Therefore we can take chilled semen from the breeding stations in our area every day or get semen from international breeding stations by mail. Of course we offer the insemination with frozen semen as well.
For this we are in close cooperation with Dr. Kirsten Schwenzer, who is responsible for the gynecological examinations.


We have huge foaling boxes with video surveillance which is also the precondition for a complete supervision of mare and foal before and after the birth.
For birth announcement we are using the “birth alarm” system.

We have a lot of experience with decades of foaling and rearing with the average of 30 births per year. If necessary we can provide intensive care for preemies and bottles breeding. You and your horses can benefit from our experiences and knowledge.


We keep the youngstock in groups divided gender based. We try to keep the groups steady from weaning to the age of three years.

Our modern freestalls with spacious paddocks provide for horse-friendly keeping during winter period. The pastures where the youngstock can spend the summer is next to our house and completely fenced with rubber band. Daily control of the youngstock is a matter of course.

Of course we deworm, vaccinate and take care of the hoofs regularly.

The food for your horses is compiled in cases of age and need. We offer oat, cereals, soy and minerals as well as foal starter and carrots in addition in winter.

roughage consists of high quality hay or dry grass silage and is offered ad libitum. concentrate feed is offered three times per day.

The manuring of the grassland is especially composed for horses and is based on regular soil controls.

We set a high value on the optimal supply with minerals on our grassland

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